Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs

First Period:

Who let the dogs out? Me! -Dre
If you luv'em, you're a fool. -Dre
Love lost beats love never had. -Aaron
When I grow up, I'll cry. -John Kelly
I feel the heat coming. Good. -Victoria
Somebody stop me, I'm too real. -Dre
We're not watching Shrek. Shut it! -John Kelly
Desks ensure that school in uncomfortable. -Aaron
"The sun will come out tomorrow." -Ashlie
Food is the key to happiness. -Aaron
720 days in this place. Eww. -Victoria
call your mom, it might help. -Shakela
I'm bouts to head outta here. -John Kelly
Die, moth, die!! ha. ha. ha. -John Kelly
Darth Vader is the ultimate Sith. -Aaron
I fell and never got up. -Arianne'
you should just get a brain. -Ashlie
AP Language. US History EOC? NO. -Ideen
Yesterday, Toy Story. Tomorrow, American Psycho. -John Kelly
Love, cry, walk, talk, child support. -Dre
Make alliances but prove your definances. -Brittany Reese
Games played with friends are best. -Aaron
5,4,3,2,1, launch! -Dre
Jesus loves me more than you. -Ashlie
I'm brown, cherokee, venezuelan, not black. -Arianne'
math is useless in journalism land. -Clair
could that be extra credit, please? -John Kelly
Surprise EOC: more reason to complain. -Ideen
I like-a do the cha cha. -John Kelly
I refuse to be like you. -Victoria
17 years of life, still clueless. -Arianne'
Mess everything up, repeat as needed. -Brittany Reese
Thanks for the memories; they're great. -Victoria
Clinton, Bush, Obama. We're still screwed. -Ashlie
Jesus and science can be friends. -John Kelly
Katie. Nathan, KK. JG. Jordan who? -Arianne'
Mrs. K, Mrs. Gregory versus Rogers. -Clair
Fun, mistake, punishment, learned lesson, success. -Dre
um....yeah, that's not really okay. -Clair
The road well traveled is fun. -Aaron
First comes pain. Then comes relief. -Victoria
Try everything once...some things twice. -Ideen
because deadlines totally don't matter anymore. -Clair
write it, rhyme it, rap it. -Dre
No clue what "fashizzle" actually means. -Aaron
I don't know, but I heard. -Clair
Do tha stanky legg...pay attention. -Brittany Reese
Fell in love, didn't get hurt. -Ashlie
Life lived alone isn't life lived. -Aaron
Lived it up, drank it down. -Brittany Reese (about Gatsby)
Six words is way too many. -Ashlie
A cold heart needs a girlfriend. -Aaron
Two walked into bar, third ducked. -Aaron
You thought I was silly. Muhahaha -Brittany Reese
Ultimate sacrifice: Christ died for us. -Aaron
Shot an elephant. Peer pressure sucks. -Clair
Make rules. Break rules. New rules. -Ideen
wanted to get rich, but died. -Shakela (about Jurgis)
Tomorrow, Woodmen of the Universe. Bah!! -John Kelly
came to America...had baby...died. -Shakela (about Ona in The Jungle)
This is some straight up bulljive. -John Kelly
one time in AP Language...nevermind. -Clair
Pen, paper, mic, record, mix, masterpiece. -Dre
Pampers, pull-ups, panties, then in Depends. -Brandy
Don't be afraid-sarcasm is wonderful! -Clair
Try...fail. Try...fail. Try...Quit! -Ideen
Kotecha...KK...Kimberly...Coach Norton....HELLO?! -Clair
love doesn't exist, it's your imagination. -Arianne'
I find English to be pretty. -John Kelly
Fails at imitation; succeeds in originality. -Victoria
No, really...it's not that hard. -Ideen
girls win arguments. just be quiet. -Dre
Cinderella. Romeo and Juliet. The Notebook. -Brandy
crawl, cried, stand, walk, run, touchdown! -Dre
Chill...relax...chill...relax...chill...relax... -Ideen
Parents died but got cool scar. -Ashlie (about Harry Potter)
50,60,70,80,90, Touchdown! -Dre
It's not THAT big a deal. -Ideen
It was fun while it lasted. -Ashlie
Guess what? Superheroes are people too. -Aaron
lived, loved, lost. all over again. -Brandy
teenagers are children in adult bodies. -Clair

Third Period:

Finding truth outside the Motor City. -Kyle
Clogging. It's not the same as tap! -Emily
Went to school. Did not help. -Kinu
Fighting the Star Spangled comrade's hammer. -Kyle
Wrist. Ankle. Knee. What is next? -Chasity
Hoped for a pony. I'm disappointed. -Tyler
Jumped off couch. Very painful ending. -Kortney
I can still feel the asphalt. -Caroline
I have 4 cats. Enough said. -Emily
Always kept my pimp hand strong. -Caroline
Never questioned. Now I'm a heathen. -Tyler
Learned from life but still clueless. -Kaci
I called you, but no answer. -Tyler
Fell down steps. Got boo boo. -Kortney
Dead baby jokes are socially unacceptable. -Caroline
I lost myself but found you. -Kaci
Dream=$100,000...do you take Visa? -Kinu
Doing drugs doesn't kill crain bells. -Maranda
I'm a clogger. That's about it. -Emily
Nothing said, nothing done, never remembered. -Tyler
No broken bones, but tattered heart. -Sarah
Arthur. Junie B. Voldemort. Ayn Rand. -Chasity
"Pardon my dust," as she said. -Maranda
Never back down. Always look up. -Chasity
I'm an only child. Life's good. -Emily
Lived high life, shot in pool. -Sarah (about Gatsby)
I go to Byrnes. Enough said. -Emily
Tragedy will happen. Then comes love. -Kaci
The Man is keeping me down. -Caroline
Too many haircuts, not enough style. -Sarah
This long road almost completely finished. -Kanesha
My stomach knotted all the time. -Maranda
It burns. Oh, how it burns. -Caroline
My phone's purple. I like purple. -Emily
Make them laugh. My job, done. -Chasity
You thought I'm great. You're right. -Tyler
Sixteen years--smiled more than cried. -Sarah
It smells like failure over here. -Caroline
Everything I wanted was very disappointing. -Maranda

No one cares. Except for me.
Not sure I exist. Oh well.
Adulthood is a failure. Childhood, perfect.
My heart belongs to AP Language.
- Mrs. Gregory

submit your memoir: http://www.smithmag.net/

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Great Gatsby Video

If you have facebook and you're friends with Sarah (you should be!) then you can watch our Great Gatsby video online again and again and again! (: Kidding... but just click the link below!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Days = Messed Up Schedules

In case you're wondering, here is what's happening as far as our homework schedule post-snow days (:

(the following message is written by Mrs. Gregory)

We will push everything back a couple of days. On Wed we will discuss chps 8-9, and then read chps 10-11 for Thurs and the last part, chps 12-14, for Fri. The dialectic journal will be due on Fri. On Wed we'll also go over the beauty synthesis essay, and we'll move the practice timed writing from Tues to Fri (probably). I'll still take up the CEJ tomorrow, though. I haven't updated my school website since we haven't been at school.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Question Of The Week

What is beauty?

This was our nicenet post and our essay prompt. What was your definition?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 11, 2009

score. =] she's going to be 17.
so wish her happy birthday. and give her a hug.

- brittany =]

Happy Valentine's Day!

This Saturday is Valentine's Day! We're going to have a Cultural Awareness celebration on friday (the 13th) while we watch The Great Gatsby (movie). Bring snacks to share and valentines for your classmates! See you there! (:

P.S. Don't forget to post on Nicenet this week! Also, tell your classmates about this blog!

Comment below (:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

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