Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs

First Period:

Who let the dogs out? Me! -Dre
If you luv'em, you're a fool. -Dre
Love lost beats love never had. -Aaron
When I grow up, I'll cry. -John Kelly
I feel the heat coming. Good. -Victoria
Somebody stop me, I'm too real. -Dre
We're not watching Shrek. Shut it! -John Kelly
Desks ensure that school in uncomfortable. -Aaron
"The sun will come out tomorrow." -Ashlie
Food is the key to happiness. -Aaron
720 days in this place. Eww. -Victoria
call your mom, it might help. -Shakela
I'm bouts to head outta here. -John Kelly
Die, moth, die!! ha. ha. ha. -John Kelly
Darth Vader is the ultimate Sith. -Aaron
I fell and never got up. -Arianne'
you should just get a brain. -Ashlie
AP Language. US History EOC? NO. -Ideen
Yesterday, Toy Story. Tomorrow, American Psycho. -John Kelly
Love, cry, walk, talk, child support. -Dre
Make alliances but prove your definances. -Brittany Reese
Games played with friends are best. -Aaron
5,4,3,2,1, launch! -Dre
Jesus loves me more than you. -Ashlie
I'm brown, cherokee, venezuelan, not black. -Arianne'
math is useless in journalism land. -Clair
could that be extra credit, please? -John Kelly
Surprise EOC: more reason to complain. -Ideen
I like-a do the cha cha. -John Kelly
I refuse to be like you. -Victoria
17 years of life, still clueless. -Arianne'
Mess everything up, repeat as needed. -Brittany Reese
Thanks for the memories; they're great. -Victoria
Clinton, Bush, Obama. We're still screwed. -Ashlie
Jesus and science can be friends. -John Kelly
Katie. Nathan, KK. JG. Jordan who? -Arianne'
Mrs. K, Mrs. Gregory versus Rogers. -Clair
Fun, mistake, punishment, learned lesson, success. -Dre
um....yeah, that's not really okay. -Clair
The road well traveled is fun. -Aaron
First comes pain. Then comes relief. -Victoria
Try everything once...some things twice. -Ideen
because deadlines totally don't matter anymore. -Clair
write it, rhyme it, rap it. -Dre
No clue what "fashizzle" actually means. -Aaron
I don't know, but I heard. -Clair
Do tha stanky legg...pay attention. -Brittany Reese
Fell in love, didn't get hurt. -Ashlie
Life lived alone isn't life lived. -Aaron
Lived it up, drank it down. -Brittany Reese (about Gatsby)
Six words is way too many. -Ashlie
A cold heart needs a girlfriend. -Aaron
Two walked into bar, third ducked. -Aaron
You thought I was silly. Muhahaha -Brittany Reese
Ultimate sacrifice: Christ died for us. -Aaron
Shot an elephant. Peer pressure sucks. -Clair
Make rules. Break rules. New rules. -Ideen
wanted to get rich, but died. -Shakela (about Jurgis)
Tomorrow, Woodmen of the Universe. Bah!! -John Kelly
came to America...had baby...died. -Shakela (about Ona in The Jungle)
This is some straight up bulljive. -John Kelly
one time in AP Language...nevermind. -Clair
Pen, paper, mic, record, mix, masterpiece. -Dre
Pampers, pull-ups, panties, then in Depends. -Brandy
Don't be afraid-sarcasm is wonderful! -Clair
Try...fail. Try...fail. Try...Quit! -Ideen
Kotecha...KK...Kimberly...Coach Norton....HELLO?! -Clair
love doesn't exist, it's your imagination. -Arianne'
I find English to be pretty. -John Kelly
Fails at imitation; succeeds in originality. -Victoria
No, really...it's not that hard. -Ideen
girls win arguments. just be quiet. -Dre
Cinderella. Romeo and Juliet. The Notebook. -Brandy
crawl, cried, stand, walk, run, touchdown! -Dre
Chill...relax...chill...relax...chill...relax... -Ideen
Parents died but got cool scar. -Ashlie (about Harry Potter)
50,60,70,80,90, Touchdown! -Dre
It's not THAT big a deal. -Ideen
It was fun while it lasted. -Ashlie
Guess what? Superheroes are people too. -Aaron
lived, loved, lost. all over again. -Brandy
teenagers are children in adult bodies. -Clair

Third Period:

Finding truth outside the Motor City. -Kyle
Clogging. It's not the same as tap! -Emily
Went to school. Did not help. -Kinu
Fighting the Star Spangled comrade's hammer. -Kyle
Wrist. Ankle. Knee. What is next? -Chasity
Hoped for a pony. I'm disappointed. -Tyler
Jumped off couch. Very painful ending. -Kortney
I can still feel the asphalt. -Caroline
I have 4 cats. Enough said. -Emily
Always kept my pimp hand strong. -Caroline
Never questioned. Now I'm a heathen. -Tyler
Learned from life but still clueless. -Kaci
I called you, but no answer. -Tyler
Fell down steps. Got boo boo. -Kortney
Dead baby jokes are socially unacceptable. -Caroline
I lost myself but found you. -Kaci
Dream=$100,000...do you take Visa? -Kinu
Doing drugs doesn't kill crain bells. -Maranda
I'm a clogger. That's about it. -Emily
Nothing said, nothing done, never remembered. -Tyler
No broken bones, but tattered heart. -Sarah
Arthur. Junie B. Voldemort. Ayn Rand. -Chasity
"Pardon my dust," as she said. -Maranda
Never back down. Always look up. -Chasity
I'm an only child. Life's good. -Emily
Lived high life, shot in pool. -Sarah (about Gatsby)
I go to Byrnes. Enough said. -Emily
Tragedy will happen. Then comes love. -Kaci
The Man is keeping me down. -Caroline
Too many haircuts, not enough style. -Sarah
This long road almost completely finished. -Kanesha
My stomach knotted all the time. -Maranda
It burns. Oh, how it burns. -Caroline
My phone's purple. I like purple. -Emily
Make them laugh. My job, done. -Chasity
You thought I'm great. You're right. -Tyler
Sixteen years--smiled more than cried. -Sarah
It smells like failure over here. -Caroline
Everything I wanted was very disappointing. -Maranda

No one cares. Except for me.
Not sure I exist. Oh well.
Adulthood is a failure. Childhood, perfect.
My heart belongs to AP Language.
- Mrs. Gregory

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